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Esther's Speech

Our shows are known for the indelible impact they have on our audience. The closing remark of our CEO — Esther Umoh — during our last edition melted the heart of our audience, and made them anticipate the next edition immediately. Yes! It was that powerful.

Esther Umoh is a lady of "few words" like many would say but once she takes the stage, she drops words that make you react in the way she expects you to. It is usually like a bomb shell that comes with a flush of emotions — exploding all over your being and making you experience a tingle in every part of you. The words always hold a unique and powerful place in your heart.

As expected, she expressed her profound gratitude to everyone who made the event a success — sponsors, partners, supporters, team, performers, crew and most importantly, the audience. She reflected on the performances and the connection the performers made with the audience as their presence and energy fueled the words of the artiste and brought them to life.

To Esther, her speech would be incomplete if she failed to encourage and inspire the audience. This has always been her ritual. She encouraged them to find their creative outlets, explore the depths of their emotions and share their unique stories with the world, reminding them that poetry is a universal language, and will have a voice that deserves to be heard.

No one saw what she did next coming as she thrilled the audience with a final poetic flush — few lines of poetry that got every hand owner banging one hand against the other in loud applause.

After reminding participants to connect with us and watch out for updates on events, workshops, competitions, etc. organized by us, she ended her speech with a quote from Paul Engle, an American poet born in 1938. He said "Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved with and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words."

What will she say this year? She is unpredictable, which is one reason why you should attend this year's edition and be a part of this indelible memory.