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The Audience

If you have ever attended a poetry show, you will agree that it is a unique, ecstatic and almost sacred place where words are given life, emotions are made to run deep, and connections are forged with the audience.

As one of the thousands of member of the audience during our shows, you participate in these poetic journeys and have the privilege of experiencing the rich tapestry of audience reactions and swirling sea of feelings during the captivating performances. It is usually an intricate dance of emotions that unfold between the poets or performers and the audience.

There is usually a silent rapture as the show often commences with a hushed reverence. When the poets steps unto the stage and begins to waeve their verses, the audience falls into a silence that is almost tangible.

The words are suspended in the air, creating a cocoon of shared anticipation which is usually followed by a nodding in agreement as thousands of heads agree with what the poet is saying. In these moments, poetry transcends the individual and becomes a communal experience.

When talking about audience reactions at our shows, laughter and applause, as well tears and sniffles cannot be left out of the list since poetry has an uncanny ability to tap into the deepest wells of emotions.

As the poets delve into heart-wrenching themes, you can often hear soft sobs and see glistening tears. Our shows are a safe space for emotion release. When witty lines and humourous anecdotes are rendered, you can hear loud laughter and applauses that punctuate the humour, serving as both validation and appreciation.

Sometimes, there are verses that render the audience speechless. These are moments when the poets' words strike with such force that the room seems to hold its breath. Emotions freely collide during these silent intense pauses.

Overall, our audience experiences a myriad of feelings as the performances ignite sparks of inspiration, empathy, gratitude, connection and awe. Our shows are a symphony of emotions, a dance of words and a celebration of human connection.

Our audience is swept up in the enchanting performances, each of them contributing to the collective experience. It is a space where emotions flow freely, where laughter and tears tingle and mingle, and where words have the power to touch the soul.

As a part of our audience, you are forever changed by our shows, leaving with a heart full of emotions and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of human expression. Won't you love to be a part of this ecstatic experience this year? Get your tickets and plan to attend Ibom Poetry Day 5.